A Specification-based, Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) JavaScript Framework for Ext JS and Touch based Applications

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Given 'the Hello World application on launch', -> vm = null
  Meaning -> vm = glu.model 'helloworld.main'
  ShouldHave 'set the message to "Hello World!"', -> expect(vm.message).toBe 'Hello World!'
  When 'the user toggles their status', ->
    Meaning -> vm.set 'arriving', false
    ShouldHave 'set the message to "Goodbye World!"', -> expect(vm.message).toBe 'Goodbye World!'

View Model

View (Ext JS)

    arriving : true,
    message$: function() {
        return this.arriving ?
	    "Hello World!" : "Goodbye World!"
    title: '@{message}',
    tbar : [{
        text : '~~arrivalStatus~~',
        pressed : '@{arriving}'

We can help accelerate your Sencha-based projects. Contact our services team to discuss GluJS/ExtJS consulting and training.

Enhanced MVVM Architecture

GluJS brings the Model-View-ViewModel architectural pattern up to date for rich, reactive HTML5/JavaScript web apps. We call it SVVM, for Spec-View-ViewModel.

Built-in Test Framework

Test first, last and always. GlusJS incorporates the powerful Jasmine behavior-driven development (BDD) test framework, coupled to our own spec definition layer.

Ajax Simulator

Back-end services can be defined and simulated within the GluJS client framework, enabling end-to-end testing and demoing of apps with no server infrastructure required.

Declarative Bindings

Concise, two-way bindings of properties, commands and containers (item groups) between views and view models, with a powerful 'binding by convention' core pattern.

Minimalist Code

GluJS's declarative bindings and automatic data transformations enable large-scale apps to be implemented using very efficient and elegant DRY principles.

UI Composition Patterns

Create view- or model-first separated presentation patterns that normalize and accelerate application development across your entire organization.

Ext JS Support

GluJS comes with view adapters for Sencha Ext JS 3.x and 4.x, and a pre-release adapter for Touch. Adapters for other HTML5/JavaScript widget libraries coming soon!

Built-in Localization

Usually an expensive afterthought for PMs and developers, GluJS will automatically update text in the UI for the current locale if you provide the translations in a local file.

Permissive Open Source

GluJS is published on GitHub and is licensed under the MIT License. The GluJS code may be modified and included in commercial apps without restrictions.